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Pioneering algorithm calculates the number of years individuals can expect to live in good health

Vitality today reveals the results of research that quantifies the widening gap between lifespan (life expectancy) and healthspan (the number of years lived in good health) globally, reflecting a diminishing quality of life in later years. Alongside this research, Vitality and RAND Europe have developed a pioneering algorithm that will allow individuals, for the first time, to understand how their lifestyle choices impact both their length and quality of life, enabling them to take actions that will maximise the number of years that they spend in good health in the future.

Generali and Vitality Group to renew Vitality partnership and launch the product in Spain

This June, Generali Vitality became available customers throughout Spain. The programme will include a solidarity component in Spain, offering customers the opportunity to donate their earned rewards through the programme towards The Human Safety Net foundation, which aims to unlock the potential of people living in vulnerable circumstances so they can transform the lives of their families and communities.

Prudential and Vitality launch unprecedented well-being program in Brazil

Starting in June 2021, Prudential do Brasil – the largest independent insurer in Brazil in the individual insurance market – will make available the largest behavior change program in the world, Vitality, for its customers. Based on behavioral science and clinical studies, Prudential Vitality is focused on stimulation of health habits and adoption of regular medical care and physical activity, which are rewarded based on weekly goals reached over time.

Seguros BBVA México strengthens its individual life product to improve the health, quality and lifestyle of its policyholders

For Seguros BBVA Mexico, one of its priorities in the strategy is to develop products that help people to ensure their health, life, assets and finances. For this reason, for more than five years it has sought to introduce value propositions to the market that allow policyholders to have comprehensive protection, appropriate to their needs and that also contains benefits that allow them to take care of their health, both physical and financial.

Portugal’s Fidelidade Launches Health Promotion and Prevention Program in Partnership with Vitality Group

Fidelidade, through its health insurance company Multicare launched the Multicare Vitality program in partnership with Vitality Group, a global health and wellness company committed to making people healthier. This program, available to Multicare health and life insurance customers, encourages the adoption of healthier lifestyles, with the direct benefit of rewards that can reach 280 € (approximately $330 USD) per year and up to a 15% reduction in insurance premiums.

Tawuniya Vitality Program offers health benefits and exclusive rewards.New program is a first for the Kingdom, the Middle East and North Africa

Tawuniya Vitality is the first wellness program of its kind in the Saudi insurance market designed to provide a unique health experience for Tawuniya’s customers. The program, which is built on behavioral scientific research and proven application, sets personalized goals based on an individual’s fitness level, recommends healthier lifestyle choices and offers rewards for improving overall well-being.

Leading HMO "Maccabi" partner with Vitality Group to reward members for maintaining a healthy lifestyle

HMO Maccabi Healthcare Services has signed an agreement with Vitality Group to activate the Vitality Healthy Lifestyle Program for the first time in Israel, a program to improve public health through intelligent technology, incentives and behavioral sciences.

In Argentina, Prudential Seguros, a life insurance industry leader, is the first company to offer membership to the Vitality Program.

"This alliance allows us to reinforce our goal aimed at the Total Welfare of our clients, which includes not only protecting them financially, ensuring their future and for their families, but also ensuring that they live longer and better. In this case, through a leading global welfare program. Indeed, this adds value to the communities in which we operate as well as contributes to reducing the cost of the insurance" stated Mauricio Zanatta, President and CEO of Prudential Seguros.

Usain Bolt invites you to run for your country

Announcing the Vitality Running World Cup – a mass running movement designed to encourage people to Move More and get more active. In March 2020, everyone has the chance to represent their country in an annual, free-to-enter, knockout, global running competition. Three iconic Olympic Gold medallists have been named as country captains, each encouraging their respective nations to lace up and take part. Can your country count on you?

Ground-breaking study shows fitter bodies could lead to fitter economies

The economic benefits of a more physically active population - the results of a study on the relationship between global economic growth and exercise, carried out by Vitality and RAND Europe, reveal significant benefits to the economy and life expectancy if physical activity levels increase globally.

ASR Netherlands N: Half of the Dutch population comes up with an excuse not to exercise

The Dutch are sports-minded people. And yet, according to a study commissioned by a.s.r., almost half of the people surveyed come up with an excuse not to exercise. And more than half of those interviewed say they feel guilty after using an excuse. The most commonly stated reasons for not exercising are being tired, not feeling fit, the weather or work-related obligations.

Largest study on behavior and physical activity leads a global commitment

In 2018, Vitality, together with Apple and RAND Europe, conducted the largest behavior change study on physical activity. It showed that combining Vitality Active Rewards incentives with the Apple Watch benefit, leads to significant and sustained activity levels showing a 34% increase in activity levels.

This landmark study contributes to a deeper understanding of incentives that promote fitter and healthier lives. Building on these results, Vitality and its global network of insurers have committed to making 100 million people 20% more active by 2025 – aligned with the WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Activity.

Vitality Group announces partnership agreement to drive healthier behaviors in Argentina

In conjunction with Prudential Seguros S.A., a subsidiary of Prudential Financial Inc. that offers life insurance in Argentina, Vitality Group announces a partnership to help address the country’s critical health challenges. Argentina has seen growing rates of heart disease and diabetes, highlighting the need for behavior change to increase regular physical activity and health improvement.

Vitality Group to bring Shared-Value Insurance to the Middle East and North Africa

Vitality Group signed an agreement with The Company for Cooperative Insurance (Tawuniya), making them the first to integrate insurance products with the Vitality Group’s behavior-change platform. With this agreement, Vitality Group will reach the Middle East and North Africa with its Shared-Value Insurance model.

Vitality launches in Ecuador, bringing Shared-Value insurance to South America

In a landmark launch for the continent, Ecuador’s two leading insurance companies, Saludsa and Equivida, today announced the launch of Vitality in South America. Having launched their shared-value insurance offers to Latin America under the slogan "Chau excuses", they were supported in today’s announcement by Vitality Ambassador, Carles Puyol – triple winner of the league of champions and World-Cup winning professional footballer, inspiring Ecuadorians to lead healthy lives.

Vitality Group and leading universities analyze influencers of employee wellbeing

Researchers from Vitality Group, Cambridge University and Charles University teamed up to analyze responses from more than 30 000 employees across 173 organizations that participate in the survey, Britain’s Healthiest Workplace. Results, published in the Journal of Occupational and Educational Medicine, showed employees lose an equivalent of 31.2 workdays a year due to health issues. The three main influences are mental health, job characteristics and physical health.