Vitality research drives workplace wellness debate

11th June 2019

Researchers from Vitality, the world's largest, science-based, behaviour-change and health promotion platform, Cambridge University and Charles University joined forces to analyze responses from more than 30 000 employees across 173 organizations, in Vitality's annual "Britain's Healthiest Workplace" furthering the workplace wellness debate.

Results, published in the Journal of Occupational and Educational Medicine, showed employees lose an equivalent of 31.2 workdays a year due to health issues. The three main influences were found to be: mental health, job characteristics and physical health.

Vitality's rapidly expanding global Shared-Value insurance network is premised upon extensive and cutting-edge behavioural science research, such as this, to promote physically active and healthy societies through partnership with the world's leading insurers.

Based on such research, Vitality's leaders, like USA CEO Tal Gilbert, help raise awareness of the not-so-hidden dangers of the workplace and why employers need to provide more than discounted gym memberships to keep workers healthy.